In this article we walk through main benefits of email marketing and what kind of tools are needed to run successful campaigns. In, addition we provide some tips and alternative resources for you.

The platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. can change their algorithms or suspend your account at any point. Then that audience you worked so hard to build is gone or suspended. For Example, when Google suddenly altered its main algorithm and created one simple change which cost marketers millions of dollars per year. Many were making regular hefty income per month and all the sudden one day just BOOM it was all gone.


I can tell you from experience that “shiny object syndrome” is one of the main reasons that people fail online. When you’re just bouncing from one great idea to the next it’s hard to succeed at anything…The problem is with all these new platforms popping up it’s easy to feel lost and confused over what the best way to really build an online business truly is…

….is it on Facebook? Instagram?

The simple answer to this question is found by looking at what a business owner needs most and that’s control. If you don’t have control over your business, then anyone at any moment can basically take it from you or simply shut it down.

There’re countless other examples found online where Google changes can adversely affect your site rankings and how much traffic you now receive. With your email list, you are in control of your prospects, customers and earning potential, not an algorithm. That said, you don’t own your social media following either. In contrast, with an quality email list you get to build a relationship with your new subscribers into your world by keeping them engaged with your valuable content.

When you engage and nurture your list they get to know, like, and trust you. Then keep them coming back for more with your irresistible products, services, and offers. It is realistic to watch your list to explode faster than you imagined!


Most experts say that each person on your email list should be worth $1/month on average. So, a list of 4,000 people should in theory generate upwards of $4,000 per month in income. Many digital marketers have seen that to be true, however, there are also certain proven ways to optimize business and earn more than $1/month on some responsive lists!

Responsive list is truly the “foundation” of successful business and it’s the one thing you can count on day in and day out no matter what’s happening with social media or search engines. When you learn how to build an quality email list, which is an asset that you own and control – and there is never reason to look back! This is the single most profitable and reliable source of income for any online business.


Email marketing auto-responder software helps you keep track of your marketing campaign. For an advertising or marketing campaign to run smoothly and effectively good organization is required. Conducting larger emailing campaigns requires cutting-edge email marketing auto-responder software. However, email marketing software has a lot more to offer than you would probably imagine.

Prospect Finder

Finding prospects can be a very time-consuming activity. Some email marketing tools allow you to collect targeted email addresses from visitors to your web site. Creating a newsletter for visitors adds value to your site and keeps your company in front of your prospects.


Responding to your prospective clients with a well-written and partial sales email is vital to winning business and gaining repeated business. Using email marketing software you can set up auto-responders that will send these emails for you as soon as your visitors or customers complete certain actions, which are predefined by you.

Email confirmation

With modern legislation on spamming, it is common practice to verify email addresses; getting prospects to click on a verification link makes them an opt in lead, meaning you can contact them as you will regarding your service or your product. Don’t forget, though, you must always offer them the opportunity to stop receiving communication from you.

Removal Service

Once you have your bulk email list up and running and you’ve been contacting people on a regular basis to forge a good relationship and sell your products you will undoubtedly get emails that become dead links. You should be removing these to save time, effort, and space in your email. Spamming policies mean you should also always offer your prospects the chance to stop receiving your targeted emails. Even though you won’t want to let go, sometimes you must.


Obviously, email marketing software offers you the capability to send targeted emails to everyone on your email lists. That’s what this software was originally intended for and what it is most used for to this day. You can organize your prospects into categories and even status. You could run several campaigns at once and your email marketing software will keep track of which prospects belong to which campaign and therefore, send the correct email to them.


Several advantages

Email marketing has been the most dominating marketing funnel these days because of the following features:

  • Sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of advertising.
  • Email lets you deliver your message to the people unlike for example a website, where the people must come to your message.
  • Email marketing has proven extremely successful for those who do it right.

Improves your brand recognition

Most email marketing software will be able to schedule emails for you, so you could for instance send an email to new prospects that contains a link to your catalogue. After a week you may wish to contact them to answer any questions. This technique will put your company name back in their minds and possibly produce more sales. Or, perhaps you sell a consumable good that most people buy once a month. You can set your email marketing software to contact your customers one month after purchase, perhaps offering them a discount for repeated business.

All of these are genuine ways to use email marketing software. Bearing in mind for example that according to some marketing research estimate as many as 70% of Internet users from various countries have made purchases on the back of an email marketing campaign, most agree they are useful tools to help your website or business succeed. Eventually, You own the list!

The list continues…

Email marketing advantages in nutshell includes:

  • Sending direct promotional emails to try and acquire new customers or persuade existing customers to buy again.
  • Sending emails designed to encourage customer loyalty and enhance the customer relationship.
  • Placing your marketing messages or advertisements in emails sent by other people. These are called solo adds or native ads which can be effective ways of targeted marketing. Check more here!

Nonetheless, there are extra direct benefits of email marketing below:

  • It allows targeting.
  • It is data driven.
  • It drives direct sales.
  • It supports sales through other channels.
  • It increases Your sales conversion.
  • It generates repeat sales.
  • It up-sell and cross-sell products and services.
  • It gains valuable feedback from your visitors.
  • It drives web users to make offline purchases.


Created for multi-tasking

Modern email marketing services and solutions support database integration, segmentation and various other tricks and techniques for improving the targeting of outgoing messages.

Software handle a wide variety of tasks that allows marketers to measure the results of the campaigns. Email marketing software enables them to target and communicate with audiences in an easy way. They can make target recipient lists that are sophisticated and accurate, using a wide range of demographic date as a basis. Text and HTML messages can be created, and they can be previewed before being delivered. The software also can monitor each click-through and opened mail messages that are sent to users. Graphical reports regarding the progress of the campaign are generated.

Versatile appealing features

Advanced software has these following features:

  • Flags invalid email addresses and duplicates. It also flags unsubscribed accounts forever so that marketers will not add them up again accidentally on their lists.
  • Contacts are arranged into separate groups. This will allow marketers to segment the mailing lists. The contact lists can be added with a fair amount of information such as name, address, and contact numbers.
  • Provides a wide variety of email templates for HTML to make the messages look more attractive and professional.
  • Enables the personalization of emails by adding the first and last name of the recipient in the subject line or the main body of the message.
  • Ability to deliver thousands of messages in seconds.


Automating Your subscribe and unsubscribe requests

Many email marketing platforms will provide you with exact HTML code you need to paste to your site to have a subscription form on your web site. The better services also provide a link at the bottom of each email that enables subscribers to update their information or unsubscribe from a list, automating everything for you.

Personalization of emails

Another powerful feature of many email marketing services is the ability to use mail merge capabilities to personalize each email that you send. The better services allow to have custom fields, additional to the standard first name and last name.

Bounce back email handling

Bounce backs are emails that are sent to email accounts that no longer exist or are full, blocked, etc. Essentially, you’ll get a response stating that your message did not make it. All email list management software programs can manage subscribe and unsubscribe requests and send out messages, however without integrated bounce back email handling all the non-deliverable emails will be sent back to you, a rather big nuisance if your list is large. Ideally, the email software you use will be able to manage your bounce backs for you. Whenever a bounce back is received, the software makes a note of the address and if another bounce back is received the email address will be sent to a list of dead addresses. This remove capability is extremely important since if you continuously send out emails with many bounces backs you may be blacklisted as a spammer. This is something you really want to avoid at all cost.

HTML email

The ability to send out HTML emails has been around for quite some time. Most email marketing platforms support the ability to send out messages that include graphics and formatted text. This is surely something you’ll want to look for. However, not all your users can view email messages in HTML format. This percentage is usually between 10-20%. Instead of seeing your aesthetically pleasing email they might see a string of meaningless code.


Email marketing has a great potential to be the most effective marketing technique around if it is used correctly. The three main techniques are:

Special offers

One time offers (OTO) are classic techniques in direct marketing that turns out well when converted to email. To make sure that they are effective, recipients must be offered something that is of real value. These offers must be substantial to the user. Marketers are advised not to offer discounts that are not generating the profitable campaigns, and time limits should be established to create urgency and fear of missing out.


Sending invitations to events such as webinars and seminars can be an effective strategy. In dispensing invitations, the number of times that emails are sent is a very vital factor, if done correctly, it can dramatically increase the number of attendees. The quantity of recipients that will register can double up if users can click through from an email to the web page where online registration or an RSVP is permitted. To lessen the number of people who have no plans to show up in the event, emailed reminders can be sent to those who have already registered.

Keeping in touch

The purpose of sending newsletters or broadcasts to users is not to get an immediate response, but more on simply keeping or maintaining contact. Newsletter or broadcast contents range from tips to photographs of a certain event. The point of sending newsletters or broadcasts is to establish a significant connection with the users by providing them with information that is not present somewhere else. Originality is very essential to the success of this technique, for it reflects the individuality of the source to the user and differentiates it from the competition.


Something to look for to support your efforts

When you are looking for your email software to launch your campaign, look for one that is easy to manage. If a customer asks to subscribe or unsubscribe from your list, this should be automated and as quick and easy as possible. You need to be able to add messages to your marketing campaign quickly and easily. You need to be able to change the order that the messages are sent out if necessary. Designing your own message format is a good idea but it’s always useful to have a pre-designed template to work with, if only for ideas. Specifically, Aweber and Get Response are examples of most established superior email auto-responder platforms with appealing entry level pricing. You may also have a look at Kartra, which offers entire package of digital marketing solutions via the same platform with a competitive term. Via these alternative services you’ll get all you need to get started and beyond.

These features are included

  • You get an opt-in form template which comes with full instructions so you can easily add it to your site.
  • It automatically stores every email saving you precious time and headaches.
  • It emails new subscribers a welcome message just moments after opting in. No more preparing and sending e-mails to hundreds, even thousands of subscribers manually.
  • It gives you attractive looking templates to use for your newsletter so that it looks friendlier to your subscribers.
  • It keeps your email safe from spam complaints, blacklists, or filters so that it doesn’t get trashed. You can schedule your promotions so that you can go on your vacation without worrying about interrupting campaigns.
  • You can use as many auto-responders as you need, create as many campaigns, write as many emails as you wish the sky is the limit.
  • Manage all of this from a complete user-friendly control panel.

I hope this article helped you to discover what You have over Facebook and Google, even If You’re a complete beginner…and where to find Your pot of gold! I challenge you to find out WHY building a quality list, not a large email list, is more profitable. If you would like to learn more about secrets in email marketing, please download a free premium copy: “4-steps to profitable email list.” You’ll learn many practical things, how to grow your list. Please, visit for more information.

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